Winter Backlash: “Apples in Winter” Poem

In these frigid days of March, we are experiencing a winter backlash. This is the perfect time to warm up with a poem Sheryl published in the Winter 2017 issue of Carolina Woman. “Apples in Winter” also won an honorable mention in their 2016 writing contest!

Apples in Winter

Baking cinnamon smells

Like heaven come down to melt

An icy earth and remind us that

Soon, very soon budding nubs

On bare branches will bloom in a bride’s veil,

Snowy petals like those falling fast

And fat this January morning.


I lean back in the window seat, invite my mind’s

Eye to vision flowers into fruit; an orchard’s hill

In April, lacey pink-white tendrils shifting

This way then that in the windless breeze.


Meanwhile the pantry offers cider-scented storage.

Goldens, Galas, Pippins, and Red-Delish; some Braeburns

From up the road in Virginia. I take one of each, peel

Core and slice into a cast iron skillet, caramelize

In butter and brown sugar; crumble Amish

Oatmeal crust on top, bake at four hundred

Until all is crisp hot apple-scented

Welcome against the cold.



Photo courtesy of Jessica Marx for the New York Times.

By webmistress Cullen Cornett for

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