Angela and Avi


Angela and Avi: A Novella in Three Stories

Angela and Avi: A novella in three stories about unlikely post-modern, surly tender mid-life love blossoming in the harsh impersonal world of corporate America. Set in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park Region (affiliated with Duke, UNC, NC State Universities, the Silicon Valley of the Southeast) and in Paris and London.









Angela & Avi
A Novella in Three Stories

I. New World

II. Snow Day

III. Evening Tea


Boxing Day, 26 December

Dear Aunt Delia,

I hope this e-note finds you and Aunt Priddy well and in high spirits for the festive season which is already well under way. How did it get to be Christmas? Where has the autumn got to? I've been remiss, I know, in my correspondence these last six months, but I promise a nice long Skype chat before too much longer.

You may well forgive my silence when you hear the reason: I've met someone. I know both you auntie-mums have been praying for a woman with whom I can at last try to relax. And move on.

There's a frisson of hope--of something more than the sum of its parts. Her name is Angela and I know what you're thinking: Latin for "angel." With any luck, you will meet her in the spring if she will come to London with me for the reunion picnic.

Please share this news with Aunt Priddy, if you would, as she is not one for email. And give her my best affection and good wishes as I also send them to you--always--to both my auntie-mums.

With Love,